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Hotel Pandia’s

With a Badminton Tournament happening in The Vijaya Forum Mall and a friend organizing the same, there was a lot to do to help out with the arrangements. So trips to Vadapalani became frequent. Our work was supposed to start after the Mall closed at 10PM. We were there early and wanted to have a quick dinner before that. Since taking the car out of the mall and then coming back in again was a pain, decided to just walk into the next compound where Hotel Pandia’s was located.

I’ve eaten here a few times many years ago and don’t quite remember much about the earlier experience. It was always decent food from what little I could recollect. As we entered, there were two sections AC and Non-AC dining halls. The Non-AC was visibly empty, given the heat in Chennai, it was quite expected. The AC Dining hall was almost packed, with just a few two-seater tables free. Myself and a friend took one of them. The place was very dimly lit to my liking. Good for a bar, not a restaurant I thought. That’s the reason for the poor pictures from my mobile. Didn’t want to use a flash and garner unnecessary attention. 🙂
My friend ordered a Egg Dosai with Mutton Paya and I ordered a Ceylon Chicken Parotta and a Chicken Pepper Fry. My friend liked it and said it was tasty, but a bit too heavy. I have no clue on how it is supposed to taste, so took his verdict. The Ceylon Chicken Parotta was basically stuffed chicken parotta and had generous portion of minced chicken stuffed into it. It was quite heavy too. The Masala in the Boneless Chicken Pepper Fry was good, but the chicken pieces as such, were a bit bland, it was just okayish. Ordered a Lime Soda with salt and that was good.
The dinner set us back by Rupees 620 and it was fairly decent. There was nothing wow about it to recommend.  Of course, if a similar situation arises, wouldn’t mind eating here again !  I have heard that this place serves excellent Biryani, so would probably try that on my next visit.
The restaurant’s logo on the name board was catchy and i liked the satisfying expression on his face :p

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