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Cha Republic, Velachery

I’m not a big fan of this anymore, used to like it a few times when it was introduced in Chennai, way back in 2014, and then it got a bit monotonous. Its basically a drink with black tapioca pearls in it. I had to give in to kids’ demands after shopping, stepped into an empty store for drinks and side-eats.

Our order – Lychee, Strawberry, and Chocolate (all 3 medium size shakes), 1 Cold Coffee (Large), Chicken Pop corn(large), Chicken Cheese Balls(regular).
Drinks were good, since I have tasted it a few times, it was quite as expected. I would rate it in the order, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cold Coffee and Lychee, best first.
Ordered a large portion of Chicken popcorn (the guy at the store explained that we get some extra 50 grams if we did so). 100g for 110, 200g for 220, but we get 250g for that price if I remember rite. They tasted pretty good, but not wow! The mayo was great!
Cheese Chicken Balls had 5 or 6 pieces, was okay!
The drinks are pricey, around 150-200 bucks I think, so are the side eats! Paid 1120 bucks for this, and for a min, it felt too little for the price. :/ It was over in a jiffy 🙂
Wouldn’t be too keen to go back, but if you haven’t tasted this drink, would be nice to try once just for the experience of chewing the pearls in your drink! Last two times there seems to be some miss with the size of the pearls and the dia of the straw, Not as easy to suck the pearl through it as it used to be. Make sure your eyes don’t pop out 😀

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