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A visit to Nando’s for dinner and as always, the food was good.  Need some reason to dine at Nando’s other than their yummilicious peri-peri chicken and here it is 😀  Recently, won some contest on facebook and received a Rs 500 gift voucher from Nando’s.  So we decided to make use of it.

As always, the food was tasty and we all loved it.

Two things worth mentioning –

We ordered for the ‘Altogether Now’ from the appeteasers section.  That included the first three items from the same section.  Some veg dip, pita with hummus and olives.  That, I felt was not so impressive.  I mean the pita bread is still the same quantity and that should have been a little more, to go with the veg dip and olives.  Didn’t feel the olives or veg dip added any value to the pita and hummus..for an extra 130 rupees.

A small miss this time with our order.  The waiter missed the potato wedges that we ordered along with the main course.  We got it after we reminded them, when we almost finished our dinner.  Somehow we couldn’t get hold of the person who took our order, explained to a couple of other waiters and they were sort of clueless.  Never mind, one off incident happens.  Rest was all fine.

Overall, a good dining experience as always.  Will definitely recommend to others !

Visited November 2013.


Older reviews ?

As always, a wonderful dinner at Nando’s !  Staying in Velachery, the first destination for shopping is Phoenix Market City and invariably eating out follows.  Once out for shopping, have never ventured going elsewhere outside the mall for dinner, thanks to the maddening traffic outside.  So it is always one of the restaurants inside the mall and Nando’s is a favorite place for all of us.  Kids love the chicken here !
Nice decent ambience, good service and wonderful food.  Normally after a couple of times, it gets a little boring, but somehow my third visit here and ordered almost same items always, except for one of two changes, and still it tastes wonderful 🙂 !

Visited October 2013.


My second visit to this place, this time, with kids and relatives who had come over from Bangalore. After some shopping at the Phoenix Market city, we decided to have lunch in Nando’s.
It was a weekend and we had to wait for a good 15 minutes for getting a table. There was a queue outside the restaurant and such is the demand for Nando’s chicken 🙂
The waitress was polite and patient. The food was yummy and we all loved it. The drinks, especially ‘madeira red’ was very good..overall an enjoyable lunch.
Would definitely visit again.

Visited August 2013


Had dinner with family. Heard a lot about this place from Chennai Food Guide and wanted to try it out. Very impressed !
The ambience was very nice and classy. Lights were probably a little too dim to my liking, but manageable. We were seated comfortably in a corner table.
The waitress politely explained a few dishes on the menu and helped us order. The designer drinks were really good. One was mint-based Citrus Blue or something like that and another one was called Madeira Red. The food was very good, no complaints at all, very tasty! The hanging skewer setup was very catchy ! The restaurant is quite spacious and nice overall. It also had an outdoor seating, but since it was raining, service was closed.
Overall, very good food and a wonderful experience overall.

Visited June 2013

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