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Lloyds Tea House, Gopalapuram

Weekend breakfast at Lloyds Tea House, a confusion of sorts ! Disappointed !

After seeing the continuous promotions of the weekend breakfast on Facebook, I decided to check it out! I remember seeing quite a few posts that said Friday-Sunday, 8-11 AM they served breakfast. From the pictures, it looked like a set-menu, served on the table. When we walked in, we were told it was a breakfast buffet @ INR 375 plus taxes. That’s not what I had in mind. I asked them if they had the set-menu, to which the lady replied in the affirmative!
We settled down and after a quick look at the breakfast menu, we were good to order. My friend wanted vegetarian; he chose the Vegetarian Breakfast. I chose the European Breakfast as the description was quite tempting. Just some basic customization – Chicken Sausage instead of Bacon and Scrambled Eggs, not runny.
The waiter first served a plate that had a couple of bowls of flavored youhurt – Strawberry and Blueberry, Muesli and cut fruits.
After a while, my breakfast plate arrived. You know the typical expectation 🙂 a fully-loaded plate! To my surprise, there were fewer items than what I thought I read in the menu. First thing that caught my attention was Bacon on my plate! I had opted for the chicken sausage instead of Bacon! What shocked me was, the waiter said it was sausage 🙂 Then the lady agreed to change it and came back with the same plate minus the bacon, it was just removed. I was okay with that, not sure all of them would be! The waiter also announced that Grilled Tomato wasn’t available, and hence they had given the cut fruits and flavored yoghurt. Though I didn’t get a satisfactory answer as to why grilled tomato wasn’t available, I was kinda okay with that. Still something seemed missing, the hashbrown and the crepe, they weren’t there. When I asked the waiter, he promptly brought a plate with a Hashbrown and 2 Sausages. Still, no crepe! When I checked with the waiter again, he said Crepe was not in the menu. I was pretty sure it was, since I clicked a pic of that too. When I asked him to check, he came back again with the same justification – that’s why they gave the cut fruits and flavored yoghurt.  I made my displeasure known to them and gave them a piece of my mind. They shouldn’t just decide what to give if something wasn’t available! Then they offered to serve Pancakes instead of Crepe. I would have appreciated if they did it in the first place, and not just try to cover it up. I politely refused and continuted eating what was served. I felt they could have been a bit generous with the grilled potato and mushrooms, it was tasty, but too little! Scrambled eggs was good, Brown bread with butter and marmalade was good, hashbrown was decent, expected a little more crispier outer though, sausages were very average, absolutely no flavor in it. That was it with the European Breakfast.
The Vegetarian Breakfast that my friend had was much better, he seemed to like it, but again felt too little potatoes and mushroom, rest was fine. The vegetarian Omelette made of chickpeas flour was different and nice. The Lemon Iced Tea was a tad bitter than how I like it, not the best, but manageable. If it was from the tea, I would be ok. It was perhaps the lemon, I wasn’t too sure. We had a black coffee each, and that was good!
While talking to the lady, she clarified that the set breakfast wasn’t actually available. Since we wanted that, they obliged. It was good to know that they were accommodating, but they could have been transparent about what was available and what was not.
We paid 525 bucks in all. If there wasn’t so much confusion, it would have been a decent breakfast. Today, I was just disappointed with the whole experience!

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