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Mukasash cooks Hyderabadi Masala Chicken

After trying quite a few chicken dishes, I was looking to cook something different when I spotted Hyderabadi Masala Chicken by Spice Eats, on YouTube.  Immediately decided to try it!
This basically involves these steps – Making fried onions, marinating the chicken, making the spice mix, and finally making the Hyderabadi Masala Chicken itself.
Making Fried Onions

Marinate the chicken for 1 hour.

Spice Mix paste

Making the Hyderabadi Masala Chicken

Finally, the plating!

A lip-smacking chicken gravy, and a very satisfying attempt in the kitchen.  It tasted amazing with Ghee Phulkas and  will definitely become a regular feature in our kitchen hereafter.

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I’ll see you again with another experiment from my kitchen, until then, taata ! 🙂  

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