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Mukasash cooks Chole Masala

It is weekend, and time for another experiment in the kitchen.  Decided to make Chole Masala for breakfast, to be eaten along with Chapati. 
Quick look for recipes on Youtube resulted in Chole Masala by Kabita’s Kitchen. Looked no further, decided to try that!  I’ve already tried a few recipes by Kabita’s Kitchen and the outcome turns out pretty well with very little scope for error, even for an amateur cook like me.  Today’s attempt was no different – absolutely tasty Chole Masala which everyone loved! 
Measurements I have taken are twice of what is mentioned in the original recipe.  Chole Masala was homemade, and I used Ginger Garlic Paste instead of grinding them along with onions.  Rest was all same.
This is how I tried – 

That was a fantastic and a very satisfying breakfast, and the weekend couldn’t have started any better!  If you liked what you just read, go ahead and give it a shot!  Also feel free to share it with your loved ones!  
You can also check out my other cooking experiments I’ve done during this covid-19 lockdown if it interests you.  I’ll be back again with another cooking experiment shortly.  Until then, taataa ! 🙂    

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