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Sree Akshayam, Velachery

Sree Akshayam is the new kid in the Velachery Food Scene, making all right moves to woo customers in and around Velachery!  Opened quite recently, they had a promotional 20 Rupees mini breakfast which was a huge hit.  Now they have the same one running for 30 Rupees.  I had already visited a couple of times after they opened and blogged about it here.
This visit was for lunch, along with wifey.  They had four variants of Thali Meals – South Indian Meals, North Indian Limited meals, a more elaborate South-Indian Special Meal and a Quick Lunch.
We ordered one South-Indian and one North-Indian Thali Meal.
The usual condiments were there on the table, we didn’t try.
Heard from wifey that South-Indian Meal was very tasty and she loved everything in it.  

The other meal that was brought to the table didn’t look like North-Indian, it was the more elaborate South-Indian Meal, had to politely send it back and ask for North-Indian Meal again.  The photo opportunity was good though 🙂

North-Indian meal started with a Tomato Soup, that was yummy with nicely deep-fried bread crumbs!

The Meal Thali was very nicely presented, visually appealing!  Naan was served with it by default, I wasn’t asked a choice between Roti and Naan as mentioned in the menu, never mind.  The Naan was soft and I enjoyed it with Paneer gravy and Dal Tadka.  Both were wonderful!  One complaint with this was the quantity of gravies.  Now I was left with two variants of rice – Pulao and Jeera Rice and no gravy to eat it with.  It was dry and difficult to finish.  Had to borrow a bit of curds from my wife’s South-Indian Meal and manage.  Request for little more gravy was not entertained!  They could have had a Raita instead of curd rice in the Thali.  A simple gravy subzi instead of Gherkins dry subzi (which was common for South and North-Indian meals) would have been better.  That was a bit of dampener.     

The Sweet was yummy, and the water melon juice was okayish, watery and just passable.

If I was eating out Thali meals, 9 out of 10 times, I’d choose North-Indian Meals.  I don’t specifically remember running out of gravy and being denied some anywhere!  I’d definitely like them to be a little more considerate with their portions and a little ‘extra’ gravy sans paneer will not skew margins so much, I think. 🙂
Paid 336 bucks in all, a very nice lunch except this minor complaint.  

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