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Chakraa Food Truck, Sholinganallur

I should admit this was a bit of gluttony, but what would you do when everything you eat tastes yummy! Yeah, this is one place I have been waiting to visit right from the moment they opened. Crimson Chakra has recently started operations in their first food truck! Long ago, there used to be a few of them in and around Panagal Park and slowly they disappeared. To my knowledge, after many years, in the recent past, Kaaram opened their food truck on Velachery Bypass Road, Chaska near Thiruvanmiyur Beach, and now Chakraa in Sholinganallur. I’ve heard they are yet to finalize the location, and at the moment, they operate from in front of Swaram Speciality Hospital in Sholinganallur. Its on the road connecting OMR and ECR, when driving from OMR towards ECR, you have to make a U-turn before the toll and you’ll spot it on your left hand side.

Myself and a friend had no problems locating the place, there was ample space between the road and the food truck, so no problems with either parking or having food. When we reached there, we spotted just a few of them, but in about 10-15 minutes, there must have been about 20-25 people, a few of them eating in cars, a few settled down in plastic stools and few standing and eating! The place looked quite popular there and that definitely told me that they are doing something very right!
Now coming to the food, we had a brief glance at the menu, and in a couple of minutes, were ready with our choices. Ordered a Chicken Pepper Fry and Chicken Kal Sukka, the only two chicken dishes on the menu and an Egg Kothu Parotta. Friend started with a couple of Idlies with Chicken Saerva and two Chutneys. Idlies were just warm, but tasted good with the accompaniments. Meanwhile the Chicken Pepper Fry and Chicken Kal Sukka came one after another. Looks-wise they were not too different from each other, that was a small disappointment, it didn’t give a clear satisfaction of eating two different chicken dishes, otherwise they tasted very yummy. We finished it in no time and were ready to order more – One Butter Dosa, One Egg Dosa, One Omelette and a Kalakki! Both the dosas were awesome, amazing aroma of butter in Butter Dosa, Egg Dosa was very yummy too. The Chicken Saerva was just rite with the dosas, the chutneys were very decent, not wow. Omelette was good, and Kalakki wasn’t as runny as it should normally be, but still good.
Overall, it was a wonderful foodilicious experience at Chakraa, and the prices were very nominal. 70 bucks each for chicken dry dishes, 50 bucks for Kothu Parotta, 15 each for Omelette and Kalakki, 40 each for the Dosas – 300 bucks in all and thats really VFM!
What about the idly you may ask?!?!? 🙁 Sorry my bad, I totally forgot that my friend ate Idly and skipped it while billing. So we ate that for free, I know it’s not much, but will pay up when I’m on that side of the town! It was an accident and not deliberate, my apologies !
I don’t know if I’ll specifically travel all the way again to this place, but I sincerely wish Crimson Chakra opens more and more food trucks in various locations, easily accessible to people like us.
p.s –  We did speak about it while eating here, just forgot to write about it. Like any other fast food, the plastic sheets on the plates were used here too. If Chakraa can bring in a change and use something that’s more friendly to the body as well as the environment, would be really good. I know it has implication to costs, accordingly increasing the prices wouldn’t be a bad idea too! Just wishful thinking !

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