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Murugan Idli Shop, Nanganallur

There was a time when I hated Murugan Idly Shop in T Nagar, I still do.  Never liked the attitude of the guys there! In all these years of eating out, never considered this as an option. My last visit was long long ago!

Somehow their other branches are very different and I have begun to slowly like the place. First visit after a long time started off at their Kaveripakkam outlet on the Chennai-Bangalore highway, liked it and now I am a regular visitor during every trip to Bangalore. Visited their Velachery outlet as soon as they opened, it was good. This visit was at their Nanganallur outlet, and I liked it too! I have been here a few times earlier, always had a pretty good experience! This place is one of the very nice options for vegetarian food in and around Nanganallur.
Managed to get a seat immediately, Started with a couple of podi Idlys, dripping with ghee, it was very tasty. Ordered an onion oothappam next, and in the meantime (kai kaayakoodaadhae endra orae kaaranaththinaal) ordered 2 plain Idlys
Onion Oothappam came next, the crunchy shallots were divine with the white chutney. Finally a Filter Coffee to wash it down, a fitting end to a nice dinner!
Minor glitches here and there in service, not worth complaining though. The guys handling the chutneys are from the North, so they don’t understand much of Tamil. The moment you ask for something, they serve a huge quantity on your plantain leaf, so there is considerable wastage ! That can be controlled to a great extent.
Paid 217 bucks for all that I ate!
One thing that is worth mentioning – They serve in Plantain leaf and I liked that. They got rid of the plastic use-and-throw glasses and started to serve water in stainless steel glasses, and that’s wonderful too!
Overall, a very nice place and a nice dinner. Be prepared to wait a bit for the table, it’s generally always crowded !

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