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Krishna Restaurant, New Woodlands Hotel

Since we had some work in RK Salai, wifey and I decided to have breakfast at Krishna  restaurant in New Woodlands Hotel.  Been there very long ago for a friend’s wedding reception. Never visited this place after that.

As soon as we entered, we got a table. In spite of being bright and sunny outside, the place was a little dim to my liking. The AC was awesome, and first look, all the waiters seemed to be old-timers.
This being an Udupi hotel, without any hesitation, ordered a Mysore Masala Dosa expecting the Mysore/Bengaluru types, and pongal for my wife. The dishes were served in about five minutes and the dosa looked awesome, tasted very good too, but still not the thick crispy types that you get in Bengaluru. This was close, but still not there! Pongal was a bit yellowish, but tasted absolutely wonderful. The chutneys were super fresh and tasty. Since there was Paratha in the menu, we were curious and decided to try Gobi Paratha, also ordered a Tomato and Onion Oothappam. Paratha was served with curds and pickle and was just okayish. Taste and flavor was good, but the filling in it was too little and felt like normal roti/chappathi for most parts. Oothappam was tasty, but having eaten Oothappam at Murugan Idli shop just a day back, this was not even close.
Service needs a special mention, polite and courteous, the waiter was more than helpful!
Overall, food was tasty, not extraordinary, and a tad pricey too, quite as expected in a Star property. Paid 460 bucks for all these including a bottle of water that was priced at 40 bucks. Wouldn’t specifically go for breakfast again unless I’m in and around that place.

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