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Pupil, Besant Nagar

An outing with the kids to Besant Nagar beach implied that we were going to eat dinner somewhere in the vicinity. Kids were quite particular about Pupil as we have already been there a couple of times and they always liked it. They were in no mood to visit a new place for the sake of my blogging, so I gave up !

We decided to sit outside and most of the tables were taken, it was quite ‘happening’ and a busy evening ! Settled down in one of the tables where lighting was okay. Ordered an All Meat Chicken Burger, a Classic Chicken Pizza and a Cheese Hot Dog.
All Meat Chicken Burger comes loaded with many variants of chicken – Rosemary Chicken breast, Chicken Salami, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Tikka and so on. It looked to be decent in size, but not the juicy dripping types. The look of the bun wasn’t very appealing I would say, though it wasn’t close to anything bad. It just was wrinkled a bit, unlike the shiny golden brown buns I’ve seen in a few places. It tasted pretty good though. The Classic Chicken Pizza tasted very good, but the base was a bit too soft to my liking. However, looking at the size, I felt it was a bit overpriced. When you pay 425 bucks for a pizza, you would expect it to serve 2 at least, but this was just fine for one person. The Cheesy Hot Dog was good and the sausage tasted pretty good.
We were done with it in no time and we decided to choose something from the desserts. Ordered one sizzling Brownie with Vanilla icecream, one Sundae with 2 scoops of Strawberry and 1 scoop of vanilla (you can choose 3 different scoops also). I wanted a black coffee, it was a pity it wasn’t available on the menu, ordered one from the coffee kiosk there, and the waiter was kind enough to serve that on the table, though it had nothing to do with pupil.
The bill was Rs 1256, and since I saw Service Charge on the menu, did not tip in addition to that, like always! Just realized that the SC was barely 11.57 bucks, which was 1% of the food bill! It didn’t make any sense to me, probably a typo. Feeling so bad I didn’t see this clearly at the restaurant. As a norm, I tip about 10% always, somehow missed it this time.
Overall, the food was tasty, and kids loved it. A few dishes gives you a feeling that the place is pricey, but overall, a very nice place for tasty food after a visit to the beach! Would gladly come back again !

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