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For sometime, I have been staying away from the thick of things in food groups on Facebook, more as an honest attempt to shed off some extra pounds. So I have drasticaly reduced the frequency of eating out. Once in a while, I get sucked into the whirlpool of temptation and today was one such day! Family was bored and wanted to go out for dinner and I couldn’t be happier. Always, I get to decide the place to eat. After reading a couple of reviews of Pupil, I had already decided that was going to be my next target.

We entered around 09:30PM and didn’t have any problems spotting the place. I have been to Besant Nagar beach umpteen number of times, and with a name board as prominent as this, I wonder if anyone would be able to miss this place, even if they wanted to 🙂 The place had both outdoor and indoor seating, we chose to sit indoors.
As we entered indoors, the place was a bit small and the interiors were pretty basic. Somehow gave me an impression that the outdoor seating was more happening and preferred, compared to the indoor seating. We took a quick look at the menu and I was pretty impressed, I should say. A mix of Continental, Chinese, Indian and a wide range of dishes. Myself and my son were in the mood for burgers. My son wanted the ‘All Meat (Chicken) Burger’. This had different kinds of chicken meat – remember a bit of what I read – Rosemary chicken, Chicken sausage, chicken Salami, Chicken Tikka, and some other Chicken. I was in no mood to give up, asked them which one had lot of chicken in it  :p The waiter recommended Cow boy Chicken Burger, which was basically Triple patty burger! Daughter wanted a chicken sausage, and wife wanted chicken lasagna! We were good to go!
My son was the first to get his burger, after a quick photo session, he began to eat. He seemed to like it. Daughter’s chicken sausage came next. There was a small confusion here. While my daughter took a bite or two, I spotted something more than just the chicken sausage, and sure enough, there was bacon there! Wasn’t very pleased, but then, they apologised and changed it immediately. My burger followed next. I liked the patty. Moist, with a nice flavor. The bun was soft and not brittle, lettuce was crisp, and overall, wonderful! Chicken Lasagna was awesome, cheesy and tasty. Special mention to the Chicken Sausage. It was very good. I have eaten dry sausages in many places in Chennai and this one was absolutely yummy! Reminded me of kylling pølse in Norway.
Overall, we relished everything we ate. The intrusion of bacon in the Chicken sausage was unwelcome, and the chicken Tikka in the All meat Chicken Burger was hard and chewy, otherwise we had no complaints! Though the waiters were initially just keeping to themselves, they got very friendly during the meal. They checked more than once if everything was okay and if we enjoyed the food.
Normally in bigger restaurants, when you click pictures of food, it is not so obvious. Since this was a small place, it was probably very evident that I was going to write about my experience. I generally try not to disclose this during my meal. We decided to skip desserts and head to Swensens, just two blocks away. We were given one complimentary Brownie with Vanilla ice cream. We all loved it, it was yummy!
The bill was 1100 rupees and was absolutely VFM for what we ate! I would certainly recommend this place for yummy food.

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