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Ox & Tomato

Ox & Tomato – A very catchy name, hard to miss when you drive on St. Mary’s Road. I must have crossed this place so many times, but somehow have never entered this place, probably because it looks small, or whatever.

Today’s visit for lunch was an accident too. First attempt was Double Roti which was jam-packed at 01:30PM, a minimum of 30 minutes waiting time, we were told. Running short of time, we drove through TTK Road and spotted the board Sankranti. Tried to enquire only to be told that they are closed. Having lost more time, the next name that immediately came to my mind was Ox & Tomato.
We entered the place around 01:40PM. It was very compact and small place, probably 5-6 small tables just enough for 12-15 people at a time. Lucky, we managed to find a table right away. The ambience was decent, not anything worth raving about though. Whatever limited space they had, it was done neatly. Unfortunately for the first ten minutes, the ACs were not on. The guys were desperately trying to switch it on using the remote, but didn’t manage to. Finally it worked and then felt so much better.
Coming to the food, we ordered Cheesy Nachos with Salsa, a chicken pizza called The Carribean, Lemon Juice, and Lime Mint Cooler. The Cheese Nachos, true to its name was cheesy and damn tasty. We loved it. I would have liked the salsa a little more spicy, it was tasty though. Both the drinks were good. I liked the Lime Mint Cooler very much. Then came the pizza! It was a thin-crust cheesy pizza with fairly decent toppings. This tasted very good too and we loved it. We decided to order a dessert and share it and back of my mind, I was thinking of Tiramisu. I wasn’t so lucky, the waiter said that the desserts on the menu were not available and we could only choose the ones that were on display. Decided to try the Blueberry Cheesecake and it was tasty too! I would say the food was absolutely awesome, not the slightest complaint.
Coming to the service, I would say it was a bit laid-back. There were at least 5 or 6 guys in the counter/kitchen who were probably multi-tasking with their roles and responsibilities. Three guys served our table. I had to ask for everything – Glasses for water, spoon and fork and so on. After I asked for it, they promptly did it. I wish they were a little proactive. Rest was all fine.
Overall, the food was excellent and the pricing was okay for the kind of food they served. Pizza was priced at 425 bucks and the cheesecake at 280 bucks which I felt was slightly on the higher side, rest of the items were fine. I would have complained if the food tasted average, but since it was really awesome, I had no issues with their pricing. The lunch set us back by a little over 1K and was well worth it!
Next time I drive on St Mary’s Road, I would definitely think of visiting this place for some yummy food!

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