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Thambi Vilas, T. Nagar

After a very average experience on my first attempt for a Sunday lunch with family, gathered courage to drop in for the second time, as a solo diner, as this has been one of the places that has had quite a few mixed reviews! One person comes out praising while the other comes out cursing

Also wanted to try a few clicks with my new mobile camera, and decided to go for a quick dinner.
Already made up my mind as to what to order – Since I tasted Panneer soda last time, ordered a Nannari Soda, one Salna Parotta, one Egg Omelette.
Salna Parotta was good, and perhaps there was just ONE piece of Parotta, it definitely wasn’t enough, immediately remembered the recently-posted Salna Bun pic and decided to order that.
Omelette was good, Nannari Soda was amazing! I was expecting something in Orange color, but this was colorless soda, but wonderful flavor of Nannari ! Salna Bun was good too, the bun was toasted in generous amounts of butter and together with the salna, it tasted good.
167 bucks in all, no complaints with the food this time!
Perhaps Sunday afternoons are not the best of times to visit this place, or it was one off incident.

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