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Asha’s Home Food, Velachery

I’ve been seeing posts from Asha’s Home Food in Chennai Food Guide since they started sometime back. One thing is that I absolutely love North-Indian food and another is that they are based in Velachery too. So I’ve been waiting to order from them. Today spotted their Ad for Diwali Combo and decided to order from them.

The combo included 2 Kachoris (Kota style), 2 Chola Baturas, 1 Bisibelabath (with ghee), 2 Malpuas, 2 Sweets and 1 Roasted Papad and was priced at Rs 215. It sounded good. I ordered 3 Diwali Combos to be delivered at 13:00 Hrs. The food was delivered on dot !!! Immediately started off a Photo session and a tasting session 🙂 Actual lunch is postponed a bit because of too much intake of sweets 😉
Firstly, all the items tasted good, and portions were sufficient. Kachori tasted wonderful with the tamarind chutney and ‘mint and green chilli’ chutney. I liked the green one better. Along with cut-onions, it was awesome ! Bisibelabath was tasty and had a nice subtle flavor of ghee. It was probably a bit spicy for my daughter, but was fine for the rest of us. Chola Batura was good, Chole was just like the home-made one with right amount of oil and masala. Batura was good, but there’s always a difference eating it right after being made and eating it after sometime. It was still delivered warm, so no complaints there whatsoever. Gulab Jamun was good, and so was malpua. It took me a while to figure out what the ‘other’ laddu was because my kids almost finished them, and I had a small piece left and it took me a while to realize it was Besan Laddoo. Roasted papad was good too.
As I was clearly informed that they are still working on their packing, this is NOT a complaint but a plain suggestion for improvement. There was some spillage of the green chutney and I had a bit of work to do with cleaning the boxes in the same cover before taking them out. Would be great if that is fixed too.
Overall, punctuality of delivery and the nice home-made taste makes Asha’s Home Food a clear winner. I would love to order again when there is a need, and would certainly recommend it to friends.

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