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Foodie experiments in Oslo

I was wondering if I should post these experiences as individual posts or as a consolidated post and then I felt, the latter would be just fine to sum up my experiences of eating out in Oslo.Basically the idea was to try a different place whenever possible so I do not repeat restaurants very soon.  This time I stayed only for a couple of weeks and here’s my list  –

1. Grill and Kebab

Lille Amir – A typical Grill & Kebab place in the heart of Oslo. Nominally priced and very tasty. You can have a roll or a plate. I had a Chicken Shwarma plate served with fries and salad.  Another time, I had a falaffel plate too and loved the taste here.

Møllers Grill – This place was located exactly opposite to where in stayed.  So one of those cold and rainy days when I couldn’t venture out too much, got a takeaway from here and it tasted good too.

2. Punjabi

One of my favourite places in Oslo for desi food with a beer or two.
Punjab Tandoori is a nice place for tasty food. Nominal, so sort of a frequent visitor here.
Onion pakora with a beer and a Palak Chicken combo, served with rice, salad and Naan.

3. South-Indian / Srilankan

In a place where Indian food is synonymous to North-Indian/Punjabi food, probably the only place that brings out the Tamil flavor in food, in fact a bit of Srilankan Tamil flavor too – Palmyra Cafe, Oslo. Hot hot Chicken Koththu parotta with gravy and soodaana Tea when outside temperature is 6 degrees. Bliss
Taste-wise ample scope for improvement, but who’s complaining!

4. Pizza

Peppes and Dolly Dimples are the two main pizza chains in Norway, something like Pizza Hut and Domino’s here. Visited Peppes today, have memories of eating absolutely tasty pizzas from here a few years back. Either their standards have stooped or I’ve been eating good pizzas lately. A very ordinary experience this time.

Instead of these two chains, there are a lot of pizzerias which dish out authentic Italian Pizzas.  One such place was Bari Pizza in Torgata.  Absolutely wonderful thin-crust pizza with right balance of jalapenos, chicken, red onions and bell peppers and lots of cheese.  Loved it !

5. Norwegian/Croatian

Sjøflyhavna, which translates to sea plane harbour and was once in operation many years ago is now functioning as a restaurant in Oslo They still have a small plane that you can take a ride on. Tried to get a Chicken main course, they didn’t have. So had to settle for a pizza. It was awesome though! Friend had lamb braised in red wine and served with mashed potatoes. He liked it too. Downed it with a few beers and needless to say, loved it!!!

6. Thai/Vietnamese

When you are a bit tired of bread and pizza, any form of rice tastes heavenly. A simple Chicken Fried Rice at a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant called Far East in Oslo along with the red chilli sauce..yummy!

Another very nice Thai place in the heart of Oslo – Rice Bowl.  I’ve visited this place earlier, but one of the CFG members wrote a PM on Facebook recommending this place. Visited it again. Hot Jasmine Tea, Chicken Satay and Thai Red Curry with Chicken – yummy. A bit heavy, it would have been better if I skipped the appetiser. Not to forget the red chilli sauce. ..super hot !

7. Mexican

Wanted to try some Mexican food and ended up at Mucho Mas in Oslo. Ordered a Chicken Taco and a beer. From the description in the menu, it was chicken braised in chipotle and tomato sauce, served with red rice, black beans, guacamole, salad and onion in vinegar along with corn tortilla. I was expecting some crunchy stuff from what I remember taco, but what was served was soft corn tortilla  When I asked the waiter, he explained that crunchy stuff was more American and this was classic Mexican. In fact he served some crunchy nachos separately in a bowl. Anyway, it tasted good and that’s all mattered

8. Turkish

A cuisine a day, Turkish today ! 🙂
Went to a restaurant called Ali Baba in the centre of Oslo in a place called Grønland. The name itself was familiar and catchy The place was small, but cosy. Took a quick look at the menu and going by the description, ordered a dish called ‘Tirit’. It said grilled chicken bits/pieces served with pita bread, garlic yoghurt, and in-house tomato sauce. There was some salad, red rice and potato wedges which wasn’t mentioned. Quite a large portion, damn tasty, and downed it with a Turkish beer called Efes. Overall, a wonderful experience!

9. Beer 😀

Of course beer is available in all the restaurants, but this particular visit was to try different types of beer and one of the best places to experiment with a wide variety of beers in Oslo is Cafe Sara !
Along with a couple of friends, settled down and started to taste different beers. These were some of them we tried –
IPA – Indian Pale Ale, don’t remember the name
Monk’s Brew – We took a small one, the one in the wine glass, 10% 🙂
Pomperipossa – American Stout
Paulaner – from Munich, for the Oktoberfest
Frydenlund – From Denmark
Lysefjorden – Pale Ale from Stavanger
And a couple of Ringnes to finish for the evening !

10. At the airport 🙂

Whenever I travel out of Gardermoen, a baguette at Upper Crust at the airport is something that I normally don’t miss.  Chicken Tikka and Barbeque Chicken are the ones that I love.

That’s pretty much my foodie experience in Oslo.  No fancy places, no expensive places.  Just nice restaurants serving good food, while at the same time, experimenting different cuisines.  🙂

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