Bengaluru/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

The Biere Club, Bangalore

Visiting a microbrewery has been on my mind for so long. Since my trips to Bangalore are always very short, couldn’t make it until now. Finally visited The Biere Club on Vittal Mallya Road last weekend which was again a trip with a friend. A wonderful place, nice variety of beers, good tasty food and a very lively atmosphere!

First wanted to sample the beers, have seen pics of small glasses of beer from Stout to pale ale with a gradual change of color. Stout was a bit too strong, rest were all good. Mango beer was very different and the wheat beer was the best of all. Had another regular-sized wheat beer. Ordered Asian Cottage Cheese in skewers with peanut sauce, and a Grilled smoked Chicken Pizza. Both were good! Overall a very nice place for good food and drinks.

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