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New Udupi Upahar, Bangalore

Being in Bengaluru and having very limited time at my disposal and absolutely no clue of the geography, could not make it to some of the best places I’ve heard – SreeSagar CTR, MTR, Veena Stores, Vidhyarthi Bhavan.  All of them somehow are around Basavangudi and Malleswaram I think. So the best I could do was try some Udupi restaurant close to where I stayed, in Kalyan Nagar.

As I took a walk, spotted a really busy place. It was New Udupi Upahar restaurant. Decided to try this and eat the local cuisine – Benne Dosa, Khara Bath, Kesari Bath was in my mind. It was a self-service place, and a few tables to sit and a few to eat standing. When I asked if they have Khara bath, the person at the counter said Chow Chow bath is available :/ I said ok. Benne Masala Dosa was available, my friend and I opted for one each. Poori for my friend and ‘Buns’ for me LOL..that’s what looked a bit different and local there. A filter coffee to end it all. Food tasted good. Benne Masala Dosa was the typical Bengaluru type, thick, but crispy. Sambhar was a little too red and a bit sweet, liked it. Chutney was good. Chow Chow bath was actually a small portion of Upma and Kesari on the same plate 😀 Poori was ok, did not puff up though and Bunns was different. Was a bit sweet and tasted good with the Kurma. Coffee was wonderful. Overall, 250 bucks for all this and was well worth it.
Udupi breakfast was pretty good. Next time, have other popular joints in my mind.

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