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Little Italy, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

We have been to Little Italy in Chennai, and so expectations were sort of clear ! It was no surprise that it was wonderful 🙂 Seeing the same restaurant in Bangalore, this was obviously one of the first choices when we wanted to have vegetarian and Italian. This time, it was a lunch buffet on a Saturday, and my birthday too 😀
We were two families, a total of 6 adults and 2 children. I called up and reserved a table for 14:00 and we were there spot on. This place is located in Indira Nagar,  quite close from where we stayed.
We were given a separate room with an eight-seater table, it was very good. Soups and starters were served on the table. We had two choices, onion clear soup and tomato soup. The cheesy Nachos and onion rings were awesome. We ordered virgin mojito and fruit punch which was a part of the buffet too. There was a live counter for pasta. Ordered one to be made with penne and tomato sauce and it was pretty good. Pizzas were the wood-fired thin-crust ones and they were good. There was a queue for pizzas and it took quite a while to get my hands on a slice of it and when I mentioned this to someone, they were kind enough to serve it on the table. There was a Lebanese wrap made in a live counter and that was very yummy. It had a nice chunk of paneer shawarma and it was very soft. Other items in the spread were risotto, enchiladas, garlic bread, salad, and we tasted a little of most of them. All of them were good but I wasn’t very impressed by the cheese in the platter. It was a bit chewy and dry.
Overall, nice food and we moved on to the desserts. They had a mango and a kiwi mousse and a chocolate cake, small portions though, and that was good. I tasted all of them. The mango mousse was wonderful. Personally, kiwi mousse was not very impressive though a few of them liked it. The chocolate cake was wonderful.  The cut fruits were very fresh and good.  No Tiramisu, no pannacotta, I was disappointed 🙂
The service was good and no complaints there. However, more than a few times, the place was a bit cramped for space, especially at the counters. Standing in a queue to get an item, especially with kids, is not my idea of a very pleasant buffet. So that might have to be looked into.
Rest was all fine and this lunch set me back by about 5.5K, and in my opinion, it was well worth it !

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