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Sree Annapoorna, Coimbatore

I had to make a very quick trip to Coimbatore and I stayed in Hotel Comfort in R.S.Puram. Since this was not a relaxing trip, I did not have the luxury of trying out different places to eat. So I stuck to the closest restaurant to where I stayed, that was also undoubtedly the best in that area. It was ‘Sree Annapoorna’.

I had lunch, dinner and the breakfast next day at the same place. 🙂 All the three times, the place was packed! As a kid, I remember going to my grandparents’ place in Coimbatore and visiting this restaurant. Till date, it is one of the best places for vegetarian food.
Coming to the lunch I had, the non-AC dining hall was full and it was quite hot outside, I went to their AC Dining hall upstairs. The service was good and this is not just in this place, it is the characteristic of the people of Coimbatore. From shopkeepers to auto drivers to waiters, everyone are polite. So do not expect anything close to Chennai-ish experience. I asked for meals and they had something called ‘Raja Bhoga’ thali or something like that. It was the usual meals plus a soup and an ice cream. I am not elaborating on the food, but it tasted very good, and it was priced about Rs 150 which is decent.
For dinner I had just a Ghee Roast and a Coffee. The Ghee Roast was crispy and wonderful, and coffee was awesome. Don’t remember how much I paid, but definitely cheaper than the restaurants in Chennai.
Next day, I had to leave as early as 06:45AM and I wasn’t sure if this place would open so early. I just peeped in and sure it was ! There were easily about 40-50 people having coffee after their morning walk and reading newspapers. The waiters were in no hurry to get the tables vacated. That’s when someone told me this place was initially a coffee house and then changed to a restaurant. I had poori masala that tasted good, but wasn’t puffed up. The waiter apologised for that saying the dough needs more time for it to puff up. I did not even ask him about that 🙂 Pongal was good and Coffee was super as usual !
So that is pretty much my dining experience at Sree Annapoorna. You can be rest assured of good vegetarian food if you enter this place.

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