Ambur/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

Star Biryani, Ambur

On the way back, deliberately timed our start from Bangalore in such a way that we could eat lunch in Ambur. Wasn’t able to do this during my last trips with family. This time, with a friend, did not want to miss this. Reached Ambur around 01:45PM. Now the question was which one of these Star Biryani was the original one? ๐Ÿ™‚

Ambur is full of Star Biryani outlets each one claiming to be the original one. Probably they all are, as siblings/relatives could have opened with the same name, whatever! I wanted to eat in the ‘oldest’ one. Decided to ask around and we spoke to about 5-6 people and a couple of auto drivers. All of them said the same thing that the small outlet next to the bus stand and a theatre was the oldest one. Decided to go with that!
Again, the same mistake from my side – assuming that egg biryani = (Chicken Biryani – Chicken) + Egg ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Formula screwed up and while eating, I sensed that it was actually the rice from Mutton Biryani and if we wanted the rice from Chicken Biryani, we should ask for Chicken Kuska ๐Ÿ™ Luckily the guy handling the distribution did a good job, did not get any visible piece of mutton, just small bits. It was good, nothing worth raving about. I liked the thayir vengaayam, though the thayir was just for namesake. Brinjal gravy was close to Rasam! Really! I actually asked him if this is how it normally is :/ and he said yes! Skipped that. Unfortunately Chicken-65 wasnt available because this is not made here in this shop anymore and had to come from the newly opened AC restaurant a couple of KMs ahead on the opposite side of the road. So had to be content with just the Biryani. My friend said that the mutton pieces in his Mutton Biryani were soft and succulent and he liked it. We also ordered a quarter plate of Chicken Kuska just to taste. It was a little too bland to my liking. Both of us took a couple of Chicken Biryanis each for parcel. Total bill was 770 bucks for 4 Chicken Biryanis parcel, 1 Mutton Biryani, 1 Egg Biryani and 1 Quarter Chicken Kuska!
Next time, I wouldn’t be too keen on stopping here! Probably the AC restaurant a little ahead :p

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