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Malabar Chicken Biryani

Since the time I bought Malabar Biryani masala from Zaiqa The Spice Store, I was waiting to try my hand at making Malabar Chicken Biryani, and managed to do it today!
After reading about the subtle differences in biryanis of the Malabar region from Thalaserry, Kannur, Kozhikode and also the variation that the communities like Thiyas and Moplahs bring to it, I have decided to name this generically as Malabar Biryani 🙂 as this seems to be an amalgamation of quite a few styles.
This recipe is inspired totally by Thalaserry Chicken Biryani by Lakshmi Nair, on YouTube.

I made sure I attempted this with the Jeerakasaala rice, colloquially known as Kaima rice.  I sourced this from Sempulam.  It was vaccum-packed and was delivered home in a nicely packed box.

Firstly the pre-requisites, this took some time before the actual cooking.

The actual process of making the gravy for biryani is form here.

Meanwhile in parallel, have the rice cooked to 75% so it can be layered with this gravy.  I made sure the rice was ready by this time.  Didn’t have Shahjeera at home.  Since it was an important ingredient in this biryani, bought it just before this attempt.

Now back to the layering of the biryani.

Below pic is after the second layer of rice on top of the first one.

Finally the plating

Overall, a fantastic attempt and an equally good outcome!  Very satisfying when cooking experiments turn out to be awesome, given the novice I am when it comes to cooking 🙂
Would have loved to have it with the typical accompaniments – Chammanthi, Naranga achaar or eenthapazham achaar (dates pickle) and pappadom 🙂  Sadly didn’t have the time and expertise to make all that in one go. Had to be content with raita. 
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I’ll see you again with another experiment from my kitchen, until then, taata! 🙂 Stay safe!

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