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Mukasash makes Mumbai Vada Pav

Well, to put it correctly, this is an attempt to make Vada for Vada Pav and the dry garlic chutney that is served with it.  Used store-bought pav for this attempt.  Always loved Vada Pav during my visits to Maharashtra, whether it is Mumbai or Pune or Shirdi.  A simple street food extraordinarily popular all over.  Decided to try making vadapav today, being a weekend!
Spotted the recipe for Vadapav by CookWithNisha, on Youtube.  Decided to follow that.  The measurements I took were thrice of what is mentioned here.
Here’s a sequence of pics of my attempt.  

A wonderful outcome and we loved it !  Spice levels were slightly toned-down for kids.  If I were to eat this from a shop, I’d definitely prefer the chutney and masala a little more spicy.  Kids wanted the pav butter-toasted and they loved it better that way.  You can try that too.
Gaurav Vadapav used to be the go-to place for vadapav cravings.  Mumbai Cafe was wonderful too, sadly very far away, and now closed too!  
Yet another lovely attempt in the kitchen during a lockdown weekend.  If you’d like to see what else I have been cooking lately, check out my cooking experiments.  
I’ll see you again with another attempt, soon!  Until then, taataa ! 🙂 

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