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Mukasash Cooks Dhaba Style Anda Masala

Dhaba Style Anda Masala, the caption was so catchy that I decided to try!  As i was browsing through recipes on Youtube,  Dhaba Style Anda Masala recipe by Cook with Fem caught my attention.   Simple, straight forward, clear measurements, there was no looking back ! 
Followed it exactly as instructed, ended up with a lip-smacking Anda Masala, and while I type this, it has been licked clean with hot hot phulkas smeared with homemade ghee!  Bliss!
This is how I tried – 

That brings us to an end of another lovely attempt in the kitchen.  I love the recipes where the measurements are mentioned clearly and its easy for an amateur cook like me.  
You should definitely try this Dhaba Style Anda Masala !  I’ll see you again with one of my cooking experiments during this lockdown.  🙂  If you liked what you just read, please feel free to share ! 🙂 

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