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Hotel Crescent, Nungambakkam

A sudden plan with a friend to do a Kerala Breakfast, and the first place in mind was Kappa Chakka Kandhari. I was under the impression it opens by 8 AM on Sundays for breakfast. We reached there only to be told that it opens only at 9 AM. One hour was too much to wait, headed to Crescent instead!

Been here earlier for a similar breakfast, had written a review too.
We started with Pazhampori, Vattayappam and Ela ada. Pazhampori and Vattayappam were not hot, barely warm, but tasty. Ela ada was served hot.
There were different combos for breakfast. We ordered the following –
– 2 pcs Appam with Mutton Curry
– 2 pcs Parotta with Egg Onion Fry
– Puttu Kadala
My love for Parotta with Egg Onion Fry dates back to college days from Hotel Deluxe in Pondy Bazaar. Here, Parottas were awesome, but Egg Onion fry, a tad salty. Otherwise would have been great.
Puttu Kadala, one of my favorites, again just okayish. The Kadala could have been tastier. Felt the overdose of raw chilly powder.
Friend had Appam and Mutton Curry, he seemed to like it. I tasted a bit of it, a strong taste of black pepper, it was okay.
Just asked for 2 pcs of Pathiri, wasn’t available so settled for Nool Puttu aka Idiyappam. Finished it with the gravies we already had.
Finally a Sulaimani for my friend and a Tea for myself. They were good.
So overall, food was okay, not wow!
Service – very casual and laid back, bordering on indifference.
Bill – This surprised me, very economical! In fact, looking at it from the price point perspective, it is definitely worth it.
Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was the board that said NO MSG, No artificial coloring, No reuse of Oil, and the strong focus on serving healthy food. If the restaurant really did all these, I’d gladly overlook the minute details in taste and gladly go for it.
Unfair to compare Kappa Chakka Kandhari and Crescent, as they’re not in the same league, but still I’d choose the former for satisfaction, and the latter if I’d like to keep it light on the wallet.

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