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Little Italy

Little Italy, a foodie’s paradise ! πŸ™‚
We were 4 friends with family and two friends came alone as they couldn’t bring their family along, so totally 10 adults and 6 children. One of my friends was hosting lunch to all of us and we zeroed in on Little Italy as it was easily accessible to all. Three of my friends were pure vegetarian and we wanted to keep the meal completely vegetarian.
This was my first visit to Little Italy. We had a table reserved for 14:00 hours and I was there almost at the right time, probably a couple of minutes late. My friends were delayed by about 15-20 minutes. So by the time we settled down, it was about half past two. The restaurant had a pleasant interior. It is actually an independent bungalow that has been renovated to a restaurant. So the seating is in different rooms and not in a single large hall. This was actually helpful as we were allotted a room with two eight-seater tables in the first floor. We had the room pretty much to ourselves. So a lot of chatting, kids having fun, and having a wonderful lunch made the experience very memorable.
We started with half-a-portion of Minestrone soup, four made to eight and served. The soup was good, with a nice flavor. We ordered Crostini Assortiti which was a mix of different garnished crostini. We ordered Cheese and Corn Balls, Nachos with Cheese Sauce and both of them were tasty and disappeared in no time. πŸ™‚ Since we were more in numbers, we ordered two plates for most of the dishes.
As we were finishing the soup and starters, we ordered the main course. We decided to have a Pizza Napoli, Mozarella Cheese pizza, and a Chef special Pizza. The Chef special pizza was something more or less like the Veg exotica with everything under the sun as toppings πŸ™‚ It was yummy!! The kids relished the cheese pizza and the Pizza Napoli was a hit ! A wonderful flavor, and lovely taste! We ordered two pastas, one with Penne and another with Spaghetti, both of them with cheese and vegetables, they were tasty. Lasagna with cheese and vegetables was yummy too. So a bit of mix and match and we were quite full by the time we finished the main course. The portions were not too generous, but definitely good for one. By the time we were finishing the main course, we were reminded that the kitchen would close at 3:00PM. So we placed an order for desserts to be brought after we finished the main course. We tried almost everything on the menu. Most of them went with Italian Tiramisu, a couple of kids ordered pannacotta. There was cream caramel, choco walnut fudge with vanilla icecream, sizzling brownie with vanilla icecream. All of them were yummylicious !!! A couple of friends joined in late and just had a mocktail and garlic bread. There was not a single complaint with respect to food. Everything we ordered was wonderful !
The waiter was patient and helpful throughout the time we were there. As we left, I thanked him for a wonderful service and a nice dining experience.
We were six friends who were college-mates in Nineties πŸ™‚ We had a photo session along with our family and left at around Four in the evening with pleasant mmemories.
My friend paid around 9K for the lunch, and it was not bad considering our order and the pleasant experience.
Overall, Little Italy is a really wonderful place for good food, and even better service. I would certainly visit again and recommend it to friends.
p.s – Don’t miss the photos on the next page. Β πŸ™‚

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