Mint Street Food and Photo Walk

This is probably the second or third CFG event that I managed to attend. This was meant to be a food walk cum photography contest. I was here primarily for food and some decent clicks. There were about twenty people for the walk, or probably more. We had an agenda in place and followed it well, so didn’t struggle at all.
The walk commenced at 4:00PM from behind the Flower Bazaar police station, on time. I am not going to elaborate in detail, so look at the photo gallery and frame your own story 🙂

We visited the following places –
1. Agarwal Bhavan
2. Novelty Tea House
3. A Murukku Sandwich shop beside Novelty Tea House
4. Kamal Chat House
5. Kakada Ramprasad
6. Kishore Chats
7. a Tea Shop in front of Kishore Chats and
8. Seena Bhai Tiffin Center

Badam Milk at Agarwal Bhavan, Murukku Sandwich,  Pineapple juice at Novelty Tea House, Gol Guppa at Kakkada Ramprasad, Grilled Sandwich at Kishore Chats, masala tea from the tea shop beside Kishore Chats, and finally podi idly from Seena Bhai Tiffin center were the items that I tasted.  It was good that we shared amongst ourselves, so I did not end up feeling sick because of over-eating 🙂
A couple of vendors selling raw mangoes and bananas wanted me to click a photo of them. The lady was so thrilled that she even wore her chain and posed for the snap 🙂 They enjoyed seeing the photos on my camera. It was a nice feeling! Next time when I go to that place, I should try to give them a copy of their photos. They’ll probably feel happier.
Catching up with CFGians is always nice. Even if you don’t know them well, you can easily strike up a conversation as if you have known them for ages 🙂 Thanks to all the CFG members I met today for nice company and a pleasant evening.
Would love to get a feedback from you.  If you liked the snaps, spare a minute to appreciate.  If you didn’t, spare more time to say what you didn’t like 😛

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