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Khaja Restaurant, Ambur

If you’re driving from Chennai to Bengaluru and have a non-vegetarian breakfast in mind, look no further. Khaja Restaurant in Ambur serves some wonderful non-vegetarian dishes, a wonderful start to the day !

A couple of friends and I were travelling to Bengaluru on a leisure trip and already decided that we were going to try a new place for breakfast, preferably non-vegetarian. Immediately decided to try some place in Ambur or Vaniyambadi. We checked with a couple of locals and they unanimously suggested Khaja Restaurant. Its located bang on the highway, in the service road.
It was a non-AC dining, no-frills, basic place. Food was served in less than 5-10 minutes.
We ordered 3 sets of Idiyappam, 2 Paya, 1 Chicken Fry and 1 Liver Fry. I asked for some Chicken gravy to eat with the Idiyappam. Food was tasty! Friends relished the paya with the idiyappam. The seemed to love the liver fry. I liked the flavor in chicken fry, but the pieces were a bit too big. Asked them to cut it into smaller pieces and then fry it again so the masala got to the chicken. It was a lot better then.
We paid about 760 bucks for three of us. Its not cheap, but tasty and well worth it.
In case you’re looking to have a vegetarian breakfast when driving from Chennai to Bengaluru, Murugan Idli Shop, Kaveripakkam has been our regular stop and I would recommend that. On the return leg, we tried Murugan Idli Shop, Krishnagiri.

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