Frankfurt Germany/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

Saravanaa Bhavan, Frankfurt

A recent visit to Frankfurt and dining at this restaurant was one of the main points in the agenda 🙂  I was there with another friend and food enthusiast from Dusseldorf, a Chennaiite though.  This place is located quite opposite to the Main station (Frankfurt am Main, hauptbahnhof) in Kaiser strasse.

The ambience and interiors are decently done and quite good.  The food was quite good, though may not be at par with the same restaurant in Chennai, but definitely not far away.  It was a pleasant surprise that they served beer 😀  Yeah, you read it rite !!!  How cool is it to have idly and dosa with beer 😉

The coffee was disappointing and not even remotely close to the authentic filter coffee.  But overall, definitely worth a try.  In a place where Indian food is only related with Punjabi food, establishing a restaurant with serves South-Indian cuisine is really awesome !

I still did not understand the logic behind the extra ‘A’ in the name.  Saravana or Saravanaa !  Even the website is a bit inconsistent in showing this.  Since it didn’t matter much to me, I just ignored it.

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