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Nasi And Mee, Nungambakkam

This was a totally unexpected lunch meet planned at a very short notice! One of our classmates from school was on his way to Chennai when he pinged to check if some of us could quickly meet up for lunch. A few whatsApp messages followed after which five of us decided to meet in some good place in Nungambakkam. That’s how we ended up at Nasi and Mee, a place that I have been wanting to visit for quite sometime now.

A friend and I walked into an almost packed house, we joined two of our friends who were already seated. One more friend was yet to arrive. Meanwhile we started to browse through the menu and decided to order. We asked for water to be served, once, twice and thrice!!! Only then we were served water, and that was about 10 minutes later. That was kinda surprising in a place like this.
We didn’t specifically draw a line between starters and main course. We just ordered all of it, and left the prioritization to them. Meanwhile another friend joined too.
Friends ordered a prawn starter, didn’t quite hear it well, looked like Honey Mustard Prawns, they seemed to enjoy the dish. Pandan Chicken Satay was pretty good, but I would have liked a little more of the smoky flavor in the Satay. The pandan extract didn’t quite make any significant impression to my pallate. Chicken Szechuan Chilli Dumpling was steamed dumplings in spicy chilli oil. This was wonderful, loved the punch the chilli infused oil brought to the dish. We ordered two portions of grilled coconut fish. Friends relished this dish, and this was basically two fish fillets with coconut milk, kaffir lime and herbs wrapped and grilled in banana leaves. I ordered a Kung Pao chicken and a portion of Sticky rice to have with it. I liked them both. We also ordered a portion of Nasi Goreng with mixed meat and Phad Krapao with Chicken. Both the dishes were visually appealing with all teh ususal accompaniments. They tasted good too!
After we were done with the food, we decided to try a couple of desserts. We ordered Red Ruby, Milo Panna Cotta, and Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls. On the menu, Red Ruby said Mock pomegranate seeds served in iced and sweetened coconut milk, but what we got was actually water chestnuts and I loved it. I have had this in some pan-Asian restaurant earlier, Chao perhaps!
Milo Panna Cotta was good too, but the excessive chocolate mud on the top dominated the taste of Milo in the panna cotta. It was good though, not worthy of a complaint. Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls was nicely made, and it was very different eating a banana spring roll. 🙂
Overall, food was tasty! I wouldn’t say anything was worth a slightest complaint. Coming to the other aspects in general, to be classified as a Casual dining Asian Canteen serving pan-Asian street food, the place is definitely pricey! If you’d call it a fine-dining restaurant, then it was way too noisy and service wasn’t very warm either. So it left me with mixed emotions!
In fact, the thoughts around this were triggered only after I saw a service charge of 10% on the bill which was close to 350 bucks. That’s a lot for having asked thrice for water! Since the food made up for it, I’d still neglect it as one-off incident and gladly visit again!
We paid a little less than 4K for the five of us, a wonderful time catching up with friends !

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