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Baker Street, MG Road, Pondicherry

After hearing so much about Baker Street in Pondicherry, couldn’t afford to miss that!

We stayed quite close to this place, it wasn’t difficult to spot it. It’s located just about 100m from Debussy Bar and Restaurant, in the direction opposite to the beach. It was quite a packed house when we entered for breakfast. We were lucky to spot a three-seater table free and immediately settled down.
It’s like ‘Choose from the display’, ‘Pay in Advance’ and then ‘get Served’. A partially self-service place. After a quick glance, we ordered Chicken Sausages Sandwich, Chicken Olives Sandwich, Croque Monsieur which is basically a Cheese and Ham Sandwich, a Palmier and a Black Coffee!
The Baguette Sandwiches tasted decent, I liked the slightly crispy crust, however, the sausages in my sandwich were okayish. I didn’t quite get the flavor I’m used to. Sausages taste different when grilled and boiled. I presume this was latter. Friends liked their sandwiches. The Palmier was different and tasty – crispy, sweet and buttery! Black Coffee tasted good. When I taste food which is a bit ‘foreign’ to me, can’t help but immediately relate and recollect memories of my stay abroad. Compared to the baguette sandwiches I’ve had in Oslo, these were just above average. I definitely wouldn’t complain though! The Sandwiches are priced upwards of 200 bucks, and we paid 845 bucks in all for these, slightly pricey indeed!
It worthwhile to mention that the desserts from Baker Street are available in Johna’s Bistro, just in case you’d like to try them in Chennai!

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