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Ajantha Sea View Hotel, Pondicherry

In Pondicherry, there are umpteen regular bars, roof garden bars, etc. This felt really close to the beach and couldn’t be any better!

Hardly 50 feet from the waters, the sound of the waters dashing against the rocks, the evening light of the dusk, everything seemed apt for a chilled one by the shore!
We settled down around 5:30PM in the balcony of Ajantha Sea Vew Hotel and started with cold ones (read as Budweiser) and a lot of side eats with it!
We ordered Fish Fingers, Chilli Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Masala Peanuts, Egg Burji, Gobi 65, Fish Tawa Fry, French Fries and Chicken Noodles, all the while sipping on cold ones!
Somehow the taste started off awesomely well and deteriorated as time passed by! Towards the end, Gobi in Gobi 65 was raw, French Fries not crispy and Fish Tawa Fry was okayish according to my friends. Rest of the side eats were tasty! Friend had Chicken Noodles, and that was pretty decent!
Paid a little less than 5K in all, for food and chilled ones. 
If you’d like to look at the endless waters and sip on your drink, I would certainly recommend this place.

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