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Hotel Sri Kamatchi, Pondicherry

Perhaps I went with too high expectations after hearing so much about this place, or perhaps it was their one off day, I wasn’t very impressed with the whole experience! It wasn’t bad, but then it wasn’t wow, I’ll tell you why!

We were told that there are three branches of Hotel Sri Kamatchi in Pondicherry, and we went to the one on Cuddalore Road, just beside the flyover.  We were slightly late for lunch around 3PM on Sunday and the place was extremely crowded. The supervisors did their best to accommodate people in different floors, on a first come first serve basis. After a wait of about 20 minutes, we managed to get a seat in the third floor I think.
Quite hungry by now, for the three of us, we ordered 2 Non-Veg Meals, 1 Egg Biryani (Chicken Kuska plus 2 eggs), 1 Neththili (Anchovies) Fry, 1 Vanjiram Fish Fry, 1 Chicken Kamatchi, 2 Kuzhi Omelettes and 1 Chicken Kuzhi Omelette. unfortunately they were out of Mutton Kola. They came back with two mutton options, later said that was unavailable too.
Non-Veg Meals came with Mutton and Fish gravy, and between the two gravies, friends liked Fish Gravy. Biryani tasted decent, but was too little. After removing the two boiled eggs, there was very little biryani rice and it was hardly sufficient for me. Ate some rice and rasam, which I normally never do after a biryani. Rasam was okayish, very little flavour there! Omelettes were good, Chicken Omelette was decent, darker than how I would have liked it, no complaints though!  The dish I was looking forward to was Chicken Kamatchi. It sounded like their signature dish with their name. Sadly, it was a disappointment! Chicken either with bone or without, is understandable. This was deceiving! Looked like boneless, but in every bite, small pieces of bone here and there,  was a pathetic disturbance! With that we finished the meal and paid 1159 bucks including a water bottle.
Overall, food wasn’t bad at all, but that wow factor was certainly missing! Perhaps its one off day for them, I’m certainly willing to give them the benefit of doubt and I shall try again on my next visit! When so many rave about a place, there has to be something good there. Sad that I couldn’t experience that yesterday !

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