Attur/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

Sri Gowri Sankar, Attur

Yummy,  delicious breakfast in Attur!
Hotel Sri Gowri Sankar is located right next to the Bus Stand, opposite to the Periyar Statue. It had a bright board and was hard to miss.  Through there seemed to be a few other restaurants around, somehow this was most prominent among them.

It was around 09:30AM on a Sunday and we decided to step into this place.  We ordered 2 plates of Idly vadai, 2 plain dosa, 1 rava dosa, 1 poori masala, and 2 ghee roast.
Unfortunately coffee was over since it was way past 9:30am. That was the only disappointment.
Service couldn’t be any better. A pleasant lady waited on our table and at least 10 times she asked if we wanted more chutney or Sambhar. Everything we ate was damn yummy!
Paid 350 bucks in all, totally worth it!  I would certainly recommend this place for a wonderful breakfast when you’re in Attur.

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