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Hard Rock Cafe

This is my second visit to Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix Market City, Velachery. I went there soon after they opened and till date, they don’t seem to have gotten any further with the license to serve liquor. So it is still a ‘food-only’ place ! I have written about my previous experience here.

From my previous experience, I ordered Tupelo Chicken Tenders and this was crispy boneless chicken and tasted wonderful with mustard and barbeque sauce. Probably we were way too hungry or it tasted very good that it disappeared in a jiffy. So ordered one more and that stayed on the plate for a little longer 😉 You can opt for 6 or 3 Pieces (Full or Half) and in spite of ordering a ‘Full’, it wasn’t enough. This particular dish makes you feel that the portions are too small, but the rest of the dishes seemed fine. Mac and Cheese with Chicken was cheesy and very good. The Legendary Chicken Burger was good too. Overall, food was awesome ! Had some blue-something mocktail and that was nice. I had a black coffee and kids shared a strawberry cheesecake served in a glass. Loved the coffee and cheesecake was decent.
Prices are a bit steep and this dinner set us back by 3K. Service was good, very friendly. Mr. Kathir who waited on our table was pleasant and polite. The bill included a service charge of more than Rs200. So did not tip in addition to that.
I will definitely be back again, but not for a very casual visit like what we did today. Probably should explore places which aren’t as expensive as this, in the vicinity !

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