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Hotel Aaryas, Tindivanam

Aaryas at Tindivanam is one of the nice places to have a good breakfast on NH-45.

It is located just before Tindivanam, next to Vasantha Bhavan. It is on the right hand side when you are driving towards Trichy. You can see a fleet of cars parked in front of the restaurant, and it is easy to spot. Normally it takes about an hour and a half to reach this place from Chennai. So assuming you start around 06:00 or 06:30AM, it makes it apt stop for breakfast.
We entered the restaurant around 08:30AM, and it was almost fully packed. If you are just two people and if you sit in a four-seater table, you cannot have the table exclusively for yourself, and you should be open to sharing the table. We were two of us and were asked to take one side of a table where two people were already eating. Just to be sure, asked them and they did not seem to mind either. So I’m guessing that’s very usual here.  I know in non-AC restaurants, that’s the norm.  This place was an AC restaurant with a reasonably decent ambience, hence the confusion.
Started with Poori Masala and my friend wanted Idly and vada. Both were tasty. Next went for a Pongal and vada each. This was tasty, but was not oozing ghee like the ghee pongal in A2B. I love pongal in any form, so did not mind it. What is worth mentioning is the chutneys and podis kept in the centre of the table. Three chutneys and all of them were tasty. The garlic chutney was the highlight of the breakfast, I loved it ! The filter coffee came without froth and that was surprising ! Had to pour it alternatively in the tumbler and davara (read as cup and saucer) to make it look like coffee. It tasted very good though !
I would certainly recommend this place for a good breakfast on NH-45.

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