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Gossip Fusion Bistro, Kanathur, Chennai

The first time I stepped into this place, I was just in love with it! The classy ambience, the catchy decor, the colorful flowers on the table, the nicely-dressed courteous waiters, absolutely yummy spread for breakfast, and a throw-away price! That’s Gossip Fusion Bistro for you! Since then I have been here a few times, but just for the Sunday breakfast buffet. An à la carte lunch that was on my bucket-list, seemed to remain there forever. Finally, had a chance to tick it off with a couple of close friends, who’re prominent foodies too.

We reached the place around 2PM, and it was almost packed except for a few tables. We got a table immediately and had a quick look at the Christmas specials in the menu. We were served wonderful Iced Tea in bulb-like glasses, was very refreshing. A basket of freshly-baked bread and herbed butter followed, which didn’t take very long to disappear.
We ordered a Seafood Chowder soup and a Pumpkin & Broccoli soup. Our friend loved his soup and was floored at the first sip. Pumpkin and Broccoli soup was presented wonderfully and tasted no less than how it looked, we loved it. Proceeded to the starters – Spiced Mutton Seekh Kebab and Kozhi Milagu varuval. I’m generally not a big fan of mutton, but loved this one. Absolutely soft and succulent kebabs, tasted awesome with the dip. The chicken pieces in Kozhi Milagu varuval were a bit bland and the masala didn’t really get into it, it could have been better. It was decent, not wow!
We ordered three main-course dishes from the Christmas Specials – Milley Feuille of Vegetables, Chicken, and Lobster! The dishes were pricey indeed, but c’mmon, its festive season, and we didn’t worry too much about it!
The main course made its way to the table in about 10-15 minutes. Mille Feuille of vegetables was basically curried vegetables layered with sliced potato, baked and served with a cheese curry sauce. True to its description, tasted cheesy and yummy! Chicken was spiced grilled chicken baked in banana leaf. I would have liked it with a little more spice and punch. Since it was baked, it was a bit bland to my liking, but soft and well-cooked though. The showstopper of the meal was the Lobster! It was such a colorfully-presented dish, that was awesome to look at. It was lobster meat, stir-fried with mushroom, mustard, cream, parmesan and Sambuca – the anise-flavored liqueur, and served on the lobster shell that added to the visual experience. It certainly felt special! There was a strong odour from the dish because of the liqueur, and our friend thoroughly loved every mouthful of it.
All the main courses were served with Roast Potatoes, Sauteed Vegetables, Garlic Toast and Brown Onion Pulao. They tasted good too.
Done with a fairly heavy main course, we decided to order a couple of desserts and share it among ourselves. Chose the Tender Coconut Mousse and Rum Fruit Cheesecake along with 2 Black Coffees. The black coffee was just how I liked it, just right! Rum fruit Cheesecake was a Christmas special and tasted yummy, the rum-soaked fruits made quite an impression. Tender Coconut Mousse was a slightly different version of what I’ve had elsewhere. This was topped with caramel cream which was very tasty, and copra (dried-coconut) was a nice twist to it. The mousse was yummy until the last spoon.
We also got to chat with Ramya and Hari, who are the passionate owners of this place, and wonderful hosts too! They also explained the special menu they have curated for Christmas! The bill was paid by our friend, I am not too sure how much he paid in all.
I’d gladly recommend this wonderful place, for tasty food and courteous service. On the way out, couldn’t help but notice the wonderful cake on their dessert counter with a cute little snowman who seemed to enjoy the festive spirit more than we did 🙂

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