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Kannappa, Kilpauk

This has to be the best Thattu Idly I’ve had in recent times period !

Steaming hot insanely soft Thattu Idly topped with generous amounts of ghee and smeared with podi all over, it was absolutely yummy! No spoons, so had to relish it with hands. Two runny chutneys, white and orange, and an even more watery sambhar to accompany the thattu idly, all of them tasted really wonderful!
I was thinking the next logical item to order would be a butter dosa or a Mysore masala dosa, looking at their Bengaluru connection ! Unfortunately, a few twists happen unplanned. While I was relishing the thattu idly, the next person on my table asked for a ‘Mexican’ ! Immediately another one said ‘Mexican’ ! This got me curious! In the fear of missing out something really wonderful, I ordered one too!  This turns out to be a Mexican Bread Dosa!  🙁  What in the world is a Bread Dosa?!?  :O It got me curious! Finally it was served like a Bread Omelette with Dosa instead of Omelette.  :/ This dosa was stuffed with Mexicanish masala and some green chutney! Overall, this combination didn’t make any sense to me, but just gulped it with the Mayo. The filling was a bit spicy and tangy with a few green chillies.
Meanwhile saw a few golden brown dosas being served, cursed myself for falling for the Mexican Bread Dosa!  :/  The Dosas are for another time!
The place is a vegetarian fast food and very basic. You have to pay in advance and get a token. It has a few tables where you can stand and eat. If you’d prefer to sit in the bench on the perimeter of the shop, you have to hold your plate in your hand. Standing and eating was manageable. I did see two variety of vadais neatly stacked, they didn’t seem appealing as they seemed untouched for a while.
40 bucks for the Thattu idly and 90 bucks for the Mexican Bread Dosa! I would have been much happier even if I had a couple of more thattu idlies instead of the Bread Dosa!
I didn’t quite figure out why they had two nameboards side by side – Kannappa and Sri Vaishnava’s, both mentioning Thattu Idly ! Anyways, I’ll go with the old name that I am familiar with !
If you’re in and around Kilpauk, this place on Ormes Road is a must-visit for steaming hot ghee podi thattu idly !
Don’t miss it 🙂

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