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DoAsai 2.0, Porur

Since the time it was first mentioned in Facebook food groups, DoAsai 2.0 was on my radar! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the colorful dosas loaded with cheese. Just that Porur is not one of the areas that I frequent, so had to wait for a while to tick it off!

All the way from Velachery to porur to taste Dosai?!?! Yeah, it did sound weird, but convinced myself and proceeded. Locating the place was not a problem. When driving from Guindy towards Porur, after you cross the DLF IT Park, within a kilometre you will see Heritage Mart on the left side. This place DoAsai 2.0 is a kiosk inside Heritage mart. There are few other kiosks there serving momos, atho, egg stuff and sugarcane juice, but this seemed to be the most prominent one.
It was Saturday and I have heard the place can get crowded soon. I also wanted to reach there while there was some sunlight so I could manage a few decent clicks of dosas, so I was there roughly around 5:15PM and it was good, there were only a couple of others, so not much of waiting time.
First of all, something worth mentioning is that the place was spotlessly clean, I really liked that. Neatly cut veggies in one corner, 3 Tavas side by side, it looked like they did make a conscious effort to keep it neat and clean. Another thing that was interesting was there was no gas and burner, they used coal ๐Ÿ™‚ That was surprising ! They said that adds to the taste!
After a quick look at the menu, ordered a Spring Roll 2.0 Dosa. Since there was no crowd at that time, I could take a few pictures without any hassle. It was interesting to watch the step-by-step process of how the dosa was made, at the same time made me feel guilty looking at loads of butter and cheese that went into it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was cut, rolled and served in a stainless steel plate with a banana leaf on it. They had two chutneys – coconut and mint to go with the dosa.
The dosa was tasty, and in fact, I did not feel the need for chutneys. It had a nice flavor, and in my mind, I had a slight doubt about the outer crust. I thought probably it would have been better if it was taken off the tava a little earlier. Decided to overlook that and enjoyed the dosa.
My next order was Mysore Royals 2.0 Dosa. After reading the description, what I had in mind was typical Mysore Masala Dosa topped with cheese. During a brief chat with the master who made dosas, he mentioned that he was from Bengaluru, and this order was actually based on that ๐Ÿ™‚ I was sincerely hoping that this probably would be the ‘authentic’ types you get in Bengaluru, the crispy, thick, shiny, masala dosa. Surprisingly, the veggies that went into the dosa were totally different. Beetroot was the most prominent one and it made the dosa all red ๐Ÿ™‚ Fine, after realizing it wasn’t the Mysore Masala Dosa types, waited for it to be served. This one was definitely beyond how long it should have been on the tawa. In fact, so much that the outer crust was tending to be dark brown. I wasn’t quite pleased, but decided to go ahead with it without complaining. I was thinking the tawas probably needed sometime to get conditioned before it dished out golden brown dosas, or probably it never did. It tasted okayish, nothing out of the world.
Paid 175 bucks in all, I was told it was 90 and 85. Just looked at the menu now and I see it is 85 and 75. Not sure why there is a discrepancy :/
Overall, the dosas were good and a welcoming addition to the Chennai food scene, however, would I go back all the way to have it again? Probably not! If it was somewhere in the vicinity, I would give it a try, hoping they got better with the outer color of the dosa. I heard they were planning to start one in Velachery and that would certainly be a lot easier to try!

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