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Calcutta Chats, Kandanchavadi

I have always loved chaat and my love for it has only gotten better with time!

Calcutta chats in Kandanchavadi is a wonderful place for tasty mouthwatering chaat with a Calcutta twist to it. It is located next to the Bata showroom on OMR and it wasn’t a problem locating the place.
Pani poori aka puchka was yummy with awesome pani. Right amount of spice and tanginess.  Easily the best puchka I have had in recent times.  Jaal mudi was also yummy and loved the nice subtle flavor of mustard that reminded me of Kolkata ! Going by these standards, I should say Khasta Kachori was just okayish.
20 bucks each, paid 60 in all !
They didnt have Churmur Chaat today  that’s for next visit!

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