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Atho Corner

I have a fascination for Burmese Street Food! In fact, I have been eating this since my school days in Trichy. After moving to Chennai, once in a while, I make it a point to try it from some place or the other.

I have heard from various people that Burmese food carts in North Chennai, viz. Vyasarpadi, MKB Nagar, GeorgeTown, Second Line Beach Road, et all are very popular. I have tasted Burmese food from Parry’s a few times and have blogged about it here! Recently, I heard about a new place that serves Burmese food. It immediately caught my attention, and when I read that it was very much in my neighbouring locality, I had to try it soon! 🙂
Atho Corner is a small shop that serves Burmese street food in Ram Nagar, Madipakkam. It is diagonally opposite to Saraswathy Super Speciality Hospital on the Bazaar Main Road. From what I understood after visiting, there are two shops that seem to be operating from the same premises. Atho Corner, from a food cart in front of the shop, and Sandwich corner, from inside the premises. I heard about this place recently on a food group in Facebook and people were raving about it. In fact, there was a very good feedback about sandwiches from Sandwich Corner also. I was in no mood to try anything else except Burmese street food and that was precisely the reason for visiting this place.
Since we were used to eating Burmese food, we had no doubts on what to order, immediately ordered 2 Egg Noodles. In some places it is called Fried Atho and I wanted it with extra onion. It tasted very good. As we finished half of the bowl, we added some soup to the rest of the noodles. Since some places serve soup with fish, I was doubly careful to check if it was plantain stem soup and that guy assured us it was, and it tasted good too. <EDIT: Came to know from a few others later that it had Prawn powder in it.  So vegetarians, please check before you have it.  Since I didn’t get any smell of prawns and it tasted good, it is fine for me 😉 >  Along with the noodles I couldn’t catch the complete flavor of the soup. So I had some soup separately after I finished the noodles. This time, I slowly relished it along with small pieces of plantain stem. The soup is complimentary along with the egg noodles and probably available separately for purchase too, that is, if you come specifically for that! Ordered a Masala Egg each, this is basically a partially slit egg, stuffed with fried onions, garlic oil, and a few other stuff, topped with coriander, meant to be eaten in one mouthful. 🙂 I’ve done it a few times and it was quite easy. 😛
Meanwhile a batch of Egg noodles was being made from the scratch and I was too curious to see and click a few pictures of that. Patiently waited through the whole process while clicking pictures. We were quite tempted, myself and my friend decided to share a plate of egg noodles. This was pure gluttony 😉 Nevertheless, decided to go for it. I had another masala egg and finished off my noodles, quite stuffed I would say!
We were having a conversation with the guy in the shop and he mentioned that the shop in Singarathope in Trichy was his brother’s. ‘Annan kadai’ could mean many things in general, could be a cousin, or someone like a brother, or probably where he worked earlier. Anyway, didn’t probe too much. We paid Rs 165 in all, 40 bucks for a plate of egg noodles(Fried Atho) and 15 bucks for a masala egg. If this is not vfm, I don’t know what else is! 😀
Definitely people seem to be noticing this ‘new’ place. During the time we were there, people were steadily coming in for takeaway and dine-in. Touch wood, the batch of egg noodles he made when we there, was almost sold while we were still eating. I saw that he also made the traditional Atho, mixing rice noodles, shredded cabbage, onions garnished with chilli flakes, garlic oil, fried onions and salt. I didn’t see the crispy Peijo in his shop. Probably it was sold out, I’m not sure though.
Overall, it was a wonderful dinner, tasty and very reasonably priced. Since it is also located in a place I frequently visit, I would certainly drop in again for a plate of egg noodles and Masala Egg. 🙂

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