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Jonah’s goes to Japan

Dinner at ‘Jonah’s goes to Japan’ in Phoenix Market City, Velachery! Wonderful food and service. Firstly, this wasn’t a complete dinner, we decided to have just ‘Starters only’ dinner.

Daughter wanted momos, I was thinking Dallay, but then, parking a car was an issue. So decided to head to Phoenix Mall and choose a place. Mainland China was anyway a known devil which served momos. Enquired at the counter if Jonah’s served momos, and they said it wasn’t there on the menu, but they can do it. That’s it, decided to have dinner there. This visit was not to explore anything Japanese, but to go with Jonah’s dishes, which I was familiar with.
Ordered 2 portions of Chicken momos, and I didn’t specify if I wanted them steamed, or pan-fried or deep-fried, but we got pan-fried momos. They were tasty. I would have loved some sauces along with it, but there weren’t any (probably because it was not an item on the menu) . On asking, they offered to serve Chilli Mayonnaise and it was good. Ordered a Paneer Korozott, Panko Chicken with Chilli Mayo, and Devilled Sausages. Devilled Sausages were good and Panko Chicken was very tasty with the dip. I’ve tasted these before at their Besant Nagar outlet. Paneer Korozott was also very good and somehow these dishes (except Panko Chicken and the momos) seemed to have a sweet tangy taste in them. So in a way, kids liked it too.
Finally just wanted to get kids a dessert. They tried the Three tier Chocolate. I took a spoon of it, it was wonderfully rich and sinful! Ordered a black coffee for myself and that was good, just the way I liked. So skipped the main course as planned and finished with starters and dessert.
Only feedback from my side would be – There was salad served with every dish and it was fresh and crunchy, but probably not strained well enough. There was little water flowing from them to the other side of the plate both in Paneer Korzott and Devilled Sausage when I was serving from the plate. Initially wondered where the water came from, then realized it was from the salad. It wasn’t so much to ruin a dish, but could have been better if strained. There are some salad strainers that you can spin and due to the centrifugal force, get rid of the excess water rite? Probably something of that kind will help! 🙂 The music could have been a tad lower in volume, but that’s just not a complaint.
Service was very courteous and Kevin waited on our table. He was pleasant and patient. The dinner set us back by 1.5K and I think it was well worth it. I would certainly recommend this place to those looking for nice tasty food and equally good ambience and service. Will have to come another time to try the Japanese offering from Momoyama.

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