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Dunkin Donuts

Had to do some shopping at the Phoenix Market City, and the Dunkin Donuts store was too ‘happening’ to miss, so walked into a packed store!
A quick short review of my experience.

Buy 5, take 6 was available for donuts – First tasted the classic glazed. I did not get the same feeling as in Krispy Kreme. That was a far more melt-in-the-mouth feeling. Bluberry was good, chilli in guava sauce was very good. Rest of them were just okayish. Not complaining, but then I wouldn’t be keen to buy them again!
2 Classic Chicken Burgers – My son and daughter ate, I presume it was good. I did not taste.
Paneer Wrap – This was wonderful! Loved the flavor. Somehow I’ve always been a fan of mustard sauce/powder or whatever brings that flavor. Something similar to the aava podi in Andhra aavakai or the final touch to the bhelpuri you get in Calcutta. Yummy!
Naughty Lucy Veg Burger – It had a cheesy patty and was very different. Tasted good.
1 Americano and a bottle of water!
The bill was close to 1K and yeah, it is pricey! I did not go there thinking it would be cheap, so wasn’t surprised!
Verdict – If you want to spend sometime sipping on a drink while slowly taking a bite of donut with a nice company, this is the place.
If you are tired and hungry and plan to eat the donuts in the same speed as you would eat a sweet bun, stay away :p The donuts disappear even before you realize what flavor it is 😉
btw – all these foreign chains in India McD, KFC, DD are stingy when it comes to tissues. Had to ask thrice and was given a total of 4 tissue papers. Especially when you eat cheesy stuff with kids, sometimes you need more tissues. Are we not mature enough to take tissues from a common place than ask for it at the counter? :/

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