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Dallay, Velachery

I’ve been here a few times now, and my last visit to this place was many months ago.  I’ve written about the place a few times and I’ve blogged about it here and here, so I’m not starting all over again ! In short, Dallay, is just opposite to Phoenix Market city in Velachery and serves Tibetan cuisine.

Kids wanted momos for dinner. For a moment, I thought we’d do the Thiruvanmiyur Food Truck – Chaska. Unfortunately it was a bit late and in all probability, momos would have been sold out. So didn’t want to venture to a place that far away! A known devil in the vicinity is what we preferred – Dallay!
We stepped in around 8PM, and staying so close, it took us hardly 10 minutes to reach. Managed to park the bike in front of the restaurant. There’s hardly any space except for a couple of two wheelers. We walked into an almost empty restaurant. Surprised that it used to be very busy earlier, unlike how it was today.
Ordered 2 plates of Steamed Chicken Momos and 2 plates of Fried Chicken Momos, and two Iced Tea to start with. Not a big fan of pan-fried momos, skipped that. Iced Tea came first, it was pretty good. Momos were good, decent filling, and I loved the spicy chutney too. The chicken was good and tasted fresh. No complaints with any of these.
For the main course, ordered two Chicken Thukpa with 2 pcs of Momos and a Chicken Chow Mein. After seeing the portion of Thukpa, realized it was a bit too much for us and decided to pack whatever was left. Chicken Chow Mein was visually disappointing, it was dark in color perhaps because of excessive soya sauce, a bit too saucy, looks-wise. I was thinking I’ll taste one spoon of it, and if it doesn’t feel good, I’ll send it back. Somehow after I tasted it, I felt it definitely wasn’t something to be sent back. It was slightly high on salt, but not worth complaining, so went ahead with that. From what I remember, a recent place where I had excellent Chow Mein was North East Kitchen in Egmore, that was amazing! Thukpa was decent, we had to pack more than half of one portion.
Overall, starters were good and main course was decent, but not wow. Not completely sure, but the prices seemed to have been jacked up at least 20% from what I remember last. I paid 1135 bucks for the dinner including a water bottle priced at 45 bucks.
I would also like to point out that this place is not all that ‘local’ as one may think so. From the outside it feels so, but when you’re seated, the interiors are kinda cool and feels like a really nice place. So I wouldn’t hesitate to pay that little ‘extra’ amount. Its definitely not to be mistaken as in the same league as momo kiosks and so on. In fact, its a very decent restaurant with a nice ambience. Feeling sorry that they haven’t been able to maintain the same interest among customers like when they started. While we were finishing, slowly people started to come in and three tables were occupied, then it felt like a more familiar scene !

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