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Bhangra, Kanathur, ECR

Bhangra, without a doubt, one of the best places for Punjabi food in Chennai!   I’m a big fan of their food for many years now.  Umpteen visits to their restaurant over the years has only made my opinion stronger!  It is always wonderful to chat up with Mr. Navtej, who makes you feel warm and welcome like you’re at a friend’s place!

For those of you who are not aware, Bhangra in Mayajaal complex is relocating to the adjacent compound, bang on ECR.  They will be starting at their new place on 04-August, Thursday!  Bigger, better, even more easily accessible, I’m hoping!  You can watch their social media handles for more info on the same.

Today’s lunch with family was meant to be light, and simple, and that’s not easy when you’re in a place like Bhangra. 🙂 First things first, cut onions sprinkled with chaat masala, Papad along with Mint chutney and a special Punjabi chutney.

We ordered just one by two of Tomato soup for me and my daughter.  Wifey and son skipped the soup.  Very flavorsome soup, and the crispy croutons adding the needed crunch in between.

We got to taste some wonderful Samosas which were still in trials and will be soon on the menu.  Loved the masala with Potato, peas, and peanuts.  The thick tangy Imli chutney was superb too!

Decided to order the Veg Platter instead of separate sides.  The platter had 18pcs – it included their signature Tandoori Aloo Bharwa, Seekh Kebabs, Dahi Kebabs, Malai, Achari and probably Hariyali Paneer Tikkas too.  As an afterthought, I felt the platter was a tad pricey at 850 bucks.  The idea of ordering a platter is that you can get a little ‘more’ for the price you pay, rather than ordering three separate starters.  A small incentive for ordering a large portion, I’d say.  Apparently, now it feels we could have ordered three separate starters instead.  Nevertheless, every single item on the platter tasted good.  Paneer was super soft and tasty!  

Now to the main course, a Chole Bhature for myself!  One of my favorites, always! It was very tasty, Chole was wonderful, the fried Green chilli, the tangy sauce on the table, all these made it absolutely awesome!

Paneer Kathi Roll for wifey!  This was also very tasty.  What I liked about it was it was not unnecessarily spicy!  It was very nice and balanced.

Butter Naan with Malai Kofta for Kids.  They enjoyed it.  I tasted a bit of it, it was finger-licking good!  As always, Mr. Navtej had given us a cup of Dal Makhani, on the house. We love the Dal Makhani here, it was no different today! 

By now, our intention of keeping the lunch light had gone for a toss, why skip the dessert! 🙂  Ordered two Kesar Badam Kulfis, and it was wonderful too!  A nice end to a wonderful meal.

Throughout the meal, Mr. Navtej was around to check if everything was okay, and if we were enjoying the food.  Paid 2.1K and I would say it was a very nice experience, as always!  At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to say, this is one of the finest Punjabi restaurants in Chennai, 

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