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Fromage, MRC Nagar, Chennai

Fromage, is French for ‘Cheese’. It was no surprise that there was a lot of cheese in the food, a wonderful Wedding Anniversary dinner with family!

I’ve been thinking to visit this place for quite sometime now, somehow just didn’t happen. Only after I visited, I realized I probably have not visited MRC Nagar, ever. Don’t remember taking a right at that Ayyappan Temple in all these years. Anyways, there’s always a first time for everything.
As we entered, that area around Somerset was quite posh with a lot of tall apartment buildings around it. Felt like a quite a happening place, given the steady stream of visitors headed to Radio Room. Fromage is also located in this hotel building, but accessible from the side entrance. Its a little tricky locating it.
We entered into a nice cozy looking restaurant with limited covers. It did look quite colorful and welcoming. I had a prior reservation and was immediately given a table.
I’ve heard so much about this place and the food they serve that I was actually ready to order even without looking at the menu 🙂 Ordered a glass of Sangria (made with Red Wine) for myself and two mocktails for kids – California Dreamer and Berry Lemonade.
It’s worth mentioning that the menu is actually limited and not very elaborate. Soup is served in a bread bowl, and there were two soups on the menu – Broccoli and cheese, and Chicken and Cheese. Ordered one of each. Chicken Bruschetta, Cheese Chilli Fries with Ratatouille, Chicken Wings (Mild) were the starters we ordered. The soup was very different in a bread bowl and the kids were quite excited about it. It tasted quite good. We only got the Broccoli soup, chicken was yet to arrive. Meanwhile the starters made their way to our table. Chicken Bruschetta was good, we liked it. Cheese Chilli Fries with ratatouille was decent too. The veggies were not too exciting for the kids as they were happy with the cheese and fries. Chicken Wings was available with three variants of heat quotient – Mild, Medium and Extreme. We ordered the mild one thinking kids wouldn’t be able to manage more spicy stuff. It was surprising that this was crazily hot, and wife and kids gulped down a bottle of water before trying anything else. All the while the Chicken soup hadn’t come. Had to remind them, and it was probably missed. We still went ahead with it. Sipping on the Sangria, the starters were tasty and we enjoyed it.
For the main course, we definitely wanted to see the main attraction – The Parmesan Cheesewheel. So ordered one Parmesan Cheesewheel Pasta, a Pesto Pasta with Roasted Chicken as topping, and a Chicken Lasagna. When the chef was going to make our pasta in the cheesewheel, we were notified so we could watch if we wanted to. It was nice to see the pasta being tossed in melted cheese after a blowtorch was used on the cheesewheel. Kids were excited on seeing it.
After we were back to the table, the main course was served. Pesto Pasta was tasty, Chicken Lasagna was very good, however, the Parmesan Cheesewheel Pasta was too bland to our liking. There was hardly any flavor in it except cheese, so requested them to toss it with some seasoning, add a topping of Mushrooms and onion and serve it. It was a lot better after that.
There was only one dessert in the menu – Death by chocolate. Decided to share it among ourselves as were were quite stuffed. I always like it with a black coffee. To my surprise, it wasn’t available. A place serving Italian/French cuisine and not having black coffee was very bad. Decided to skip the dessert too. Didn’t mind it too much after the overdose of cake at home. Otherwise it could have been a dampener.
Service was okayish, and could have been a lot better. The attitude was good, they were polite, but just didn’t do what you normally expect. Plates weren’t changed after starters for the main course, had to ask for it. Plates were not cleared from the table without asking, throughout. In fact, the waiter came to the table with main course in both hands when there was no place on the table to keep it. Had to make some room for that. You don’t expect something like this in a fine-dine restaurant.
Have to mention that I availed the easydiner 50% off on account of a food festival (only for food, not alcoholic beverages) and that was quite good. Paid a little more than 3K in all for a nice dining experience. I’d gladly recommend this place for yummy cheesy food.

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