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Calcutta Chats, Kandanchavadi

They’re located in the service lane adjacent to the Bata Showroom on OMR. Been here a couple of times earlier, loved the chaat here! Today’s experience was no different !

Myself and a friend decided to have some chaat and I suggested that we try this place. Started with a plate of Puchka (aka Pani Puri/Gol Gappe) each, and it was good. I had another one. The Sukha puri was good too. We followed that with a Churmur Chat. This, I felt was okayish, I mean not wow!
Then asked for one Jaalmuri, and this was awesome! The slight touch of mustard oil was yumm! A bit spicy though! Finally ended with Dahi Poori. This was wonderful and soothing after the spicy Jaalmuri.
Most of the items are priced around 20-25 bucks and we paid 130 bucks for 3 plates of Puchka, 1 Churmur Chat, 1 Jaalmuri and 1 Dahi Puri.
Overall, wonderful chaat for a reasonable price.

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