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Big Bang Theory – Bar & Kitchen

Myself and a very close friend were catching up for drinks and dinner after a long time. We took a cab from my place in Velachery and asked the cab driver to drive to T Nagar, assuming that on the way, we’ll finalize where to go. We were thinking of all the usual places Raj Palace, Bunkers in Dee Cee Manor, Crystal Bar in Hotel Ranjith, Cheers Bar in Hotel Aruna, nothing sounded interesting this time! It was already 8PM and we were quite hungry, so wanted a place that served not just good starters, but good main course as well. So decided to check out Zomato and spotted this place Big Bang Theory – Bar & Kitchen.

Quickly browsed through their menu, the pictures of the place and food, and it was really good ! What worried me was the pub rules in Chennai ! Since we were two Stags, and I wasn’t wearing a shoe, did not want to be refused entry after travelling all the way. I called up the place and checked with them about the dress code, the person was kinda okay because it was a weekday and not a weekend! We proceeded straight to the place.
This place is located on Dr. Ambedkar Road that connects Powerhouse and Ashok Pillar, sort of parallel to the 100 feet Main Road in a Hotel called Brownstar Boutique Hotel, difficult to miss.  I was quite familiar with the location in general, so did not have problems locating it. As we entered, the person at the door said there was a party going on and there was no table available. On insisting that I spoke to someone on phone, they agreed to let us in, but again, only the table in the centre with high bar stools was available! The guy who spoke to me on phone could have been a little proactive in telling me the same, so I could have decided whether to go or not! I did let the manager know about this. Anyway the only consolation was that this was the brightest lit table, and probably the best for clicking pics of food. 😉 Decided to take it !
They were out of Kingfisher 650ml bottle, so had to settle for a Kingfisher Pint each. Ordered a Chicken Club Sandwich for my friend and a Bulchi Chicken Burger for myself. While we were done with the first beer and placed an order to repeat, the food arrived ! Quickly managed a couple of clicks and started to gorge on the food !
In short, the food was very tasty ! The burger was not the juicy dripping type and as described in the menu, it was pulled chicken and not one huge patty. The chicken bits were very tasty, and the bun was soft and fresh. It was served with fries and ketchup! The Club Sandwich was absolutely awesome! I loved the flavor in general and especially that of butter. It had chicken, Egg Omelette and was quite filling. I managed to eat a bit from my friend’s plate. It was also served with fries.
Quickly finished the dinner and a couple of beers each, it was getting difficult to sit for very long on the bar stool. So we decided to hop to another place and headed to Green Park, which now I think, was a disaster ! The bill was about 1.5K for 4 Kingfisher Pints and food which is very reasonable for the taste!
Anyways, a very nice place that I would definitely check out again! I’m not sure if I’ll try a weekend as we’re stags, almost always, and it did look like they would have the rules in place during weekends! I’ll probably try another weekday again!

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