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Plum cake from Baked Delightss

For a long time, plum cakes used to remind me of a dry brittle cake which wouldn’t even be easy to swallow.  Of course it was not from the best of the outlets, but then, never had a specific interest in it.   More like eating it by chance during the Christmas season.   Two years back, after hearing from a few foodies, I tasted the plum cake from Baked Delightss and this was awesome!!  I’ve never had such wonderfully moist flavorsome plum cake before.  Since then I’ve become a regular and order from Baked Delightss every year!

Last year I was invited for the fruit-soaking ceremony and that gave me a nice insight into the making of the plum cake.  In case you want to read about it, here it is !
The plum cakes are priced at Rs 1000 for a Kilogram, ‘a rupee a gram’ if I may say so 😛 They are a tad expensive, but then having tasted a few other plum cakes, I am definitely fine with their pricing!
Ordered three 500g plum cakes and a Irish Cream Liqueur and it cost me rupees 2250 in all!  I am yet to taste the Irish Cream, but one of the cakes is already done and dusted 😉
I wouldn’t like to compare, but just for the sake of it, asked my wife to buy a 500g of Plum Cake from The French Loaf.  Not that it is a benchmark, but since I have been to their fruit-soaking event too, wanted to give it a shot.  Seriously, visually not appealing, dry, brittle and very ordinary!  I wouldn’t like to say anymore ! Pretty disappointed!
I would certainly order from Baked Delightss again!  In case you wish to order, here’s their Facebook Page – Baked Delightss

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