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Street Food Scene at Ellis Road

A very underrated place in food circles. Located right behind Devi Cinemas, we were surprised to see this street so crowded at 1 AM. We were told, on weekends, the place buzzes with activity until 4AM before they call it a day! We visited on a Saturday night and it definitely looked nowhere close to shutting down around 1AM. There were a few stalls close to each other continuously dishing out food, trying to strike a balance between demand vs supply, quite impressively!

Though I did see a variety of meats being served, beef was quite in demand all around. A food cart serving Beef fry with Idiyappam and Parotta was the first place my friends started with. They seemed to like the food! In less than five minutes, he handed out at least 5-6 plates of beef fry to the people around. Quite fast-moving!
I stepped aside to look at the next shop MS Classic, which had quite a variety of food on display. This was the busiest place while we were there, and we had to order and stand and eat on the road. Chicken Lapa (stuffed Chicken Parotta, quite similar to the chicken Murtabak from Pelita) was tasty, and they had quite a few gravies along with it. Crab gravy seemed to be popular, I stuck to Chicken gravy, it was pretty good. By the time, friends joined me and they decided to try the Crab Fry. It was quite a sight to watch them prepare it! 🙂 Friends spent the next 10 minutes relishing it and I was quite content watching it. Meanwhile I had another Chicken Lapa. After friends were done with the crab, they had a couple of Kal Dosais to finish the meal.
There was another food cart right next to it, also crowded, but we were kinda full to check it out. Last time we were here, these stalls were closed not sure why, so ended up eating at Karaikudi Ganapathy Mess, also located just a few feet away from here. That’s a more comfortable sit-and-dine kinda restaurant.
Friends finished with a sweet beda from the beeda stall, who was also quite in demand at that time of the night.
Overall, must have paid about 600 bucks in all, absolutely worth exploring the street food scene here.  Those who are extra-careful about hygiene, please excuse! This is not for you 🙂

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